From design to implementation and post-production, our 3D and audiovisual design studio likes to take up challenges that combine its technical and artistic know-how.

Concept development & Artistic and Technical Direction

Concept development
& Artistic and Technical Direction

We study and put together tailor-made creative concepts for your events with technical expertise and artistic direction at your service. 



Objects and characters created in 3D using specialised software.
Examples of 3D modelling applications:
- basis for producing audiovisual/multimedia contents
- CAD (computer aided design). Technique used in various sectors such as architecture, industry, art and design.

2D/3D Animation and Motion Graphic Design

2D/3D Animation and
Motion Graphic Design

Design of 2D and 3D animations of models and/or characters.
Goal: to produce animated, audiovisual and interactive content.
Fields of application: corporate films, advertising, performances, live shows, audiovisual works, digital art through exhibitions, augmented reality... 
Endless creative possibilities (realistic, abstract or stylised).
Possibility to combine with audio production.



Projection technology used to turn objects into a display surface for video projection. Use of specialised software in order to recreate the projection environment and interaction with projectors to fit desired image onto the object’s surface.
Examples of surfaces: buildings or simpler items such as cars, furniture and structures. Design of supports specially adapted to your needs.
Production of architectural mappings and mappings on structures, scenic backgrounds, interactive scenographies, live performances… every project is a truly visual and immersive spectacle which tells a story and opens up unexpected and mesmerizing universes. 



Creation of tailor-made images, soundtracks and scenarios for the achievement of amazing 360 degrees experiences in Virtual Reality (VR). (realistic graphic treatment or other styles according to requirements).

An invitation to spend a day in a painter's life, a new way to present medical devices, a travel to an imaginary world... The virtual reality technology is an amazing device enabling to propose immersive experience in a variety of areas such as museology, medical sector, education, tourism and many more.

This device offers a lot of impressive possibilities that can be proposed to users as much at physical experience as for virtual events accessible via online events platforms or social medias. 

Chroma Key Compositing (Green Key Production)

Chroma Key Compositing
(Green Key Production)

Shooting of objects and/or people in front of a green background.
Colour is removed from the footage during the editing process in order to isolate the subject and transpose it to another background such as present day, the future or the realm of fantasy. 
Numerous creative possibilities.



Post-production process including the selection and handling of video images (cutting segments (trimming), re-sequencing clips, and adding transitions and other special effects) and sound recordings (mixing).
Video editing for institutional/corporate videos, advertising spots, events reportages, shows and private events.



Creation of the whole stage design and set design for your event.



Our team specialises in the live performance of visuals (VJing) for nightclubs, stage performance, art installations, theatre and set design, interactive media projects, festivals, outdoor projections, dance performances and many more besides.



Returning technique of a two dimensional (2D) image in three dimensions (3D). The image changes depending on the viewing angle, just like watching a real 3D object. 
Examples of using contexts for 3D holographic content: product launches, POS animation, scenography, museography... 
The perfect solution for making your projects stand out as being innovative and dynamic.



Production of a concept in detail (content and timing) for a 3D video mapping performance or any other visual production.
Goal: observe how all elements (videos, words, visuals, live action, technical aspects) flow over a time period.



Visual representation, in the form of a row of illustrations or images, in pre-production of an animation or an interactive media sequence.

Programming and Interactive Solutions

Programming and
Interactive Solutions

Design and development of interactive bespoke solutions for your events.

Audio Production and Composition

Audio Production
and Composition

Composition of customised music for our video mapping performances or for other productions.



Group of methods which allow 3D models (virtual objects) to be embedded in reality.
Used in many fields such as museology, theme parks, education, medicine, industry, video games, films and television.



Conception and achievement of advertising films in keeping with your needs/goals and your communication strategy.

Storyboards, realisation HD & 4K, taking of aerial views, aerial photograpy and video (drone), timelapse, slow motion, motion design, 3D, stop motion, video post-production, original sound design....our expertise extends to all audiovisual trades.

An animated video in motion design? A launch spot? A promotional film / promo packshot? Our creative team assists you at each step of the project.

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