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Installation / Interactivity / Corporate

Accuray Astro 2023


Accuray Astro 2023


Astro 2023 - San Diego, USA: Elevating Exhibition Experiences with Cutting-Edge Technologies

At Accuray's Booth at Astro 2023 in San Diego, USA, we showcased how technologies are the cornerstone of transforming an exhibition stand into a captivating and memorable experience. Our team worked meticulously to create a unique and engaging environment for Accuray, ensuring their booth was a standout attraction at the trade fair.

We designed interactive games that not only entertained but also educated visitors about Accuray's innovative solutions. These games were crafted to foster engagement, allowing attendees to explore the features and benefits of Accuray's products in an enjoyable and immersive manner. The first game highlighted the  brand's Radixact machine cutting-edge technology of destroying tumors while preserving the surrounding healthy tissue integrating the use of Leap Motion for gesture control and TouchDesigner for the interactive interface. The second interactive game allowed participants to configure the Cyberknife machine, through a combination of TouchDesigner and a tactile screen, creating an immersive and precise gameplay experience. 

In addition to interactive games, we developed tailor-made visuals that captured the essence of Accuray's brand and message. High-definition displays, dynamic animations, and sleek design elements were integrated to create a visually stunning booth that drew in crowds and kept them interested.

Our approach was to blend creativity and technology seamlessly with Accuray's objectives, providing a holistic experience that highlighted their expertise and their approach.

Contact us to see more about the innovative solutions we provided for Accuray at Astro 2023, and learn how we can transform your next exhibition stand into an extraordinary experience.

Country : United States of America

Additional informations

Date : October 2023
Type : Interactivity / Visual Content / Booth / Trade Fair / Corporate 

Localisation : San Diego / USA

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