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Urban Lab


Urban Lab


URBAN LAB is a virtual experience created by Dirty Monitor for the Real Estate Forum 2019 that took place at the  Palais des Beaux Arts of Charleroi. 

We plunged the audience in the heart of the future real estate projects of Charleroi Métropole with a sophisticated technological and  aesthetic atmosphere.  

The experience was based on a synchronisation between lasers and screens that were spotlighting ultra-high definition content. 

A special thanks to Igretec fro calling us on for the creative and technical supervision of this ambitious project. 

Country : Belgium

Additional informations

Client : Igretec
Date :  November 2019
Type :  Virtual Experience / Real Estate Forum

Key figures

Nbr Pixels :  22.960 x1920
Nbr of participants : Several hundreds

Location : Palais des Beaux Arts / Charleroi / Belgium

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